Men and Women Under favorite Facebook Profile

Inside Facebook profile, there is a list of activities, interests, favorite movies, favorite music and users can be displayed in accordance with existing arrangements.

From that list, as quoted from the site Merdeka, there are many women that includes the name of Adele and Justin Bieber in their favorite music. While men tend to like Slater and Iron Maiden.

In the field of activity, most men write gaming, martial arts, and hunting on their profile. On the other hand, women are more interested in the activities of cooking, dancing, and gardening.

Switching to an interest or the interest column, write the four major things that men in their Facebook profile is a Ferrari, something that smells of the economy, beer, sports and golf. While women interested in marriage, pets (especially cats), wine, and spa.

On the list of favorite movies, men and women also appeared to have different tastes. If men would rather watch The Walking Death, Star Trek, and other Western movies, women choosing a romantic drama based spectacle, the Twilight series, and Grey's Anatomy.

Data on the preferences of men and women are particularly obtained from Facebook users in the United States. From these data, clearly aware that women and men really have much different interests. If you own, what to write in the column of your Facebook profile?