About Coffee Kawa West Sumatra

Ghiboo.com - Ever with Kawa? Kawa or some are called Aia (water) Kawa is a type of coffee and a typical drink of West Sumatra (West Sumatra). If the coffee is made in different regions of coffee beans, but in this area is made from coffee leaves.

For him, the coffee leaves collected and arranged like a skewer and then burned. After little burnt, ago diremas-remas of up to become flake small.
Small flakes here's which then mixed with hot water. To reduce the bitter taste of brown sugar or added sugar. After that ready was served.

Reputedly, habit of drinking Coffee Kawa started in epoch colonization of colonial. Indigenous people of the colonial government was obliged to plant coffee in the land and their home page. But all the coffee harvest is taken occupiers and exported abroad.
Drinking coffee in those days was a luxury in itself. Indigenous people who want to drink coffee, coffee finally take advantage of the remaining leaves to be processed into beverages like coffee. There was no cane roots were so the saying goes, there's nothing quite amused beans residents enjoy coffee Kawa.

Minang people, especially those living in upland areas such as Batusangkar, high hill, and Sawahlunto Payakumbuh, has a unique habit of enjoying coffee.

Sphere of excess water than coffee is the caffeine content is usually lower so it does not make you insomnia after drinking it. There was also no sepekat coffee from coffee beans but more like tea.

Kawa leaf ready for presented for the accompany when relaxing together with friends and brother. Another uniqueness of this drink is way Kawa leaves the presentation in the shell or coconut shell. Kawa sipping the cool leaves and accompanied by delicious snacks such as cakes bika, bakwan, tofu, sticky rice and fried bananas.

Ehm, definitely scrumptious not it? (Various sources)