List of Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is one of the e-currency is 100% backed by U.S. dollars (for LR-USD accounts), or by Gold (for LR-gold accounts), etc. used as a means of payment or your investment vehicle. Liberty Reserve is integrated with a method of payment in the form of accounts / accounts that operate online, so people can use Liberty Reserve as payment online media is in cash (money). Liberty Reserve is a LEGAL and facilitate transactions on the Internet.

Step-by-step registration Liberty Reserve account:
1. Open
2. Click Create Account on the main menu Liberty Reserve web.

3. Registration Part 1 (Registration Part 1).
Account Information:
First name: (first name)
Last name: (last name)
Email: (your email)
Re-enter-mail: (re-confirm your email)


Security Information:
Security Question: (security question)
Answer: (answers to security questions)

Personal Welcome Message: (Your personal greeting message, can be filled with a username or words that you like)

4. Enter the verification code.
5. Click Agree if you have agreed to all rules set by Liberty Reserve in the transaction.
6. Important page appears, click LOGIN to activate your account. Important Note: Do not forget to in print / note password information, pin, master key, and security questionnya.

7. Log in Step 1 (Log in step 1):
Account Number: (fill in the LR account number being sent to your email)
Password: (fill in the password that you've noted)

8. Enter the verification code.
9. Click Next to enter the next ketahap.
10. Log in step 2 (Log in step 2):
Ensure personal welcome message is yours
• Mark in column confirmation
Click Continue to go to the next stage
11. Log in step 3 (Login step 3):
Click on Log Pin
Enter your Pin
Click Login to go to next step


12. Registration part 2 (Registration part 2).
Fill in Contact Information (fill in the data yourself) starting from: Address, City, Country, State / Region Zip / Postal Code, Date of Birth, Phone, Mobile Phone, Company Name

13. Liberty Reserve account registration process has been completed.