How to Make a Paypal Account

Paypal, maybe some of the preachers you are already familiar with this word. Yes, Paypal is a site ne of the means of payment (Payment procesors) use the internet most used and safest in the world you can have a paypal account by registering for free on the official website of paypal. The following are the steps you should do to make paypal

1.Masuk to the paypal site by clicking  HERE!

Sign Up Today 2.Klik button as shown in the figure.

3.Menentukan country name, language, country and type Accout your paypal.

At this stage, you can choose the name of the Indonesian state, the state language of Indonesia and the type is a Premier paypal account, because it has several advantages compared to the Personal.

4.Masukkan the requested data, then press the Agree and Create Account.

5.Akhir Registration Process

In this section, you will be prompted to enter your credit card number to verify your paypal. However, if you do not have a credit card or you feel free to use it, I suggest to ignore it and directly click the link "Go to My Account / get into my account" to get into your paypal account account

After completing the registration, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your enrollment status. You can click the link sent to your email to activate your paypal account. Next, you will be asked to answer two security questions that will come in handy if you forgot your password. Once you hit the submit button, you will be taken to the main page of your paypal account. If successful, then you have an active paypal account.