How to Put on Blog Sitemap

Sitemap is a list of all web pages / blogs that exist on the site mate. and create a comprehensive sitemap will help Google's search engine to crawl the site. if you blog, you will certainly be surprised to learn that the default sitemap file only contains the most recent 26 pages of your blog, this would be a bad thing because some of the older blog page, lost of the sitemap file is generated and the system can never be indexed search engine. However this may provide a simple solution to fix this problem and that blog pages can be indexed by search engines either.

Step 1. Submit your blog to Google

Step 2:

verify the blog

1. go to google webmaster tools here, then go use the gmail account that my friend had.
2. click the Add a Site
3. enter the blog address and click continue
4. Then on page Verification status (for blogspot election on Meta Tags). copy all text <meta name = "google-site-verification" etc. ..
5. Log in to your blog ( and then in the Template page, select the Edit Html tab. meta name input verification that we had copied after

6. Once done click the Save Template / Save
. Back to google webmaster tools page. then click the Verify button, to confirm registration.

8. If the verification was successful then you will enter on page

Step 3:

1.Submit Sitemap Sitemap Generator open the bloggers here
2. type the complete address of your blog and then click Create Blogger Sitemap

3. will appear next blog sitemap file, copy it while in the notepad sitemap

4. back on page Dasboard buddy on google webmaster tools and look for posts Sitemaps

5. then insert the sitemap on your blog that had got from the Sitemap Generator and click on submit sitemap

completed, may be useful ... if something is missing please use the comments field.