One of the most widely used payment diinternet is alertpay.
Internet users can make purchases of goods, original software licenses, membership sites, business affairs, send and receive donations donations, and so on using alertpay. Online payment tool is very safe. If you already understand the broad outline of alertpay, I will explain how to transform and register there. The steps are as follows:

  1. click
  2. in the country choose pililah Indonesia
  3. there are three choices of starter personal, personal and business
• Personal Starter, every transaction is free of charge, but limited to $ 400 transactions per month and $ 2000 per year
• Personal Pro, every transaction is free of charge, but in doing transactions are not restricted.
• Business, specifically for your online business owners (merchants), for example you sell something online.
• My advice pililah Personal Pro and Business, although a small charge, their fees, if any transaction if no transaction can not pay anything, personal pro is very good for the future.

4. if you choose personal pro, then click CREATE ACCOUNT is underneath.
then fill in the following data:
First Name: your first name such as bobo
Last Name: Your last name eg naruto
Phone: your phone number or hp
Address 1: address of your residence
Address 2: blank
City / Town: the city where you live
Country: Country where you live For example: Indonesia
Region: province where you live
Postal Code: Your zip code
Then click next
Then fill again the data meets these demands
E-mail Address: enter your email
Password: password here ask for a combination of letters and numbers at least 6 characters. For example: naturoxxxx
Re-enter Password: re-enter the password that you created above was
Question 1: pililah question you like
Answer 1: The answer to the question above
Question 2: pili anymore questions
Answer 2: the answer

Then enter the code in accordance with the written and click the little box that read I Agree To Alertpays

Then click on Register

5. after that, open your email, check email sent by alertpay, there is a link to the activation and validation, just click the link, then comes the alertpay site. Fill in your password and click login

6. after that the content of transaction data pin again.

Create Transaction PIN: enter all the numbers at least 4 characters and maximum 8 characters.
Eg: 12345678
Re Tansaction Enter PIN: enter a number that had repeat you have entered above

7. setelah anda melakukan langkah-langkah diatas, berarti anda sudah terdaftar di alertpay dan bisa menggunakan alertpay segera.