PTC Incrasebux

INCRASEBUX.COM is PTC PTC is one of the current World Best. PTC INCRASEBUX first aired around August 2008 and until now has more than 400,000 members with a total payment of more than 1 million dollars.

PTC INCRASEBUX provide a competitive value click on the TCM industry $ 0.01-0.02/klik world, with instant payment (you ask directly sent to your e-currency accounts) is evidence of PTC has advanced technology to stay afloat.

In addition, the benefits of PTC INCRASEBUX is in an excellent support system, and its a very friendly forum for all members. A result of hard work and toil that is not easy when every member of this PTC is proud to be members and have a very big opportunity to gain tens to hundreds of dollars every month with only minimal capital and a strong desire to achieve results.

Here I describe the order of registration is accompanied by images:

1. Previously click the first banner below INCRASEBUX

2. Once completed we directed here:

3. You need to fill in these blanks:

Username: Username used to identify ourselves
Password: Password / password used to identify and change the option in our account.
Confirm Password: type the same password that you want.
Email Address: E-mail personal, because your email must be used to send registration confirmation link ..
AlertPay / PayPal Email: fill in the appropriate address your AlertPay or PayPal. You can change this later. If you do not already have, enter your e-mail address only.
Referral: leave it in accordance with that written in that column
Letters: Enter the numbers and letters on the image to confirm that we are not robots.

4. Then click on "Register Account" and congratulations you have successfully created an account at the PTC INCRASEBUX (if you are asked to do the confirmation email, then immediately open your email to confirm registration in PTC INCRASEBUX)

This proof of my payment ..