4 Advantages and Disadvantages PayPal

Each of anything in this world nothing is perfect. All would have advantages and drawbacks. Likewise with PayPal which is one of the online transaction tool that users most in the world.

Here are the pros and cons:


1. Most users worldwide. This proves that PayPal is one of the trusted tool of online transactions.
2. Can be used to receive or send payment and can be melted through the Local Bank Indonesia, this is very easy especially for citizens of Indonesia.
3. Secured transaction, because each of us to receive or send payments will be no proof of payment and record a very detailed description.
4. Protecting the Buyer or Seller
• Buyers: Can make complaints if the item received does not match the description in please let the seller and money will be required again within a period of 45 days after the payment.
• Seller: Protect from the complaint and request a refund from the buyer that are not considered true. such claims have been sending money to the seller when there is no proof of payment.

The downside:

1. Lots of crime that uses the popularity of PayPal in a way that is not responsible for the stealing User Id and Password The members of PayPal and drained its contents.

2. Verification is difficult that is with a credit card, this is the main principal issue because not all people have a credit card

3. Security is very tight, so many affected members or Restrictions Limit Access Limited This happens because the Parties PayPal transaction suspect illegal actions of its members.

4. Disbursement of funds is a long process between 2 to 4 days, Hal. is a constraint when we need money fast

Maybe that's all I know about the advantages and drawbacks. is based on my experience using PayPal. For the problem of excess and deficiency for sale and purchase transaction using PayPal pardon my lack of tau. because to be honest I've never buying and selling a product using the PayPal service. Even better directly buy into his shop it was counted as the streets.
For friends who want to add this post please comment. Last but hopefully can be useful and Hail Success Always