how to deposit in Marketiva

How to Deposit at Marketiva using several methods, namely digital currency (digital currency) like Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, e-dinar. And methods of Wire Transfer (international bank transfer).

The most commonly used in Indonesia is Liberty Reserve and Webmoney, you can open an account from the link above. After opening the account, you first need to buy their funds to the exchanger.
There are several exchanger which recommended, among others:


Deposit using digital currency is automatic, so you see the funds in your Marketiva account immediately. Make sure you follow the procedures deposit online to complete fully.

If you want to use Wire Transfer, you can skip the above procedure of digital currency.

Minimum deposit is $ 1. Maximum deposit funds are not restricted to, you can deposit as many times as you like.
Steps for deposit:

1. Sign in to
2. Choose the type of deposit that you will use.
3. If using digital currency (Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, and e-dinar), after you fill out the form usually will proceed to the transfer process, please proceed to completion, usually the funds will go directly to your Marketiva account. If you can not enter can contact support and provide batchnumbernya for processing.

4. If using a Wire Transfer, you will need to fill in the form of wire transfers, print the form, then go to the bank to do the transfer. In Swift Code column you need to enter the bank code you use, could be asked to his bank, and dikolom amount you must enter at least 250, but actually you can deposit less than that in the bank.

For digital currency will go straight and you can use right away, and for the Wire Transfer takes 2-7 business days for processing. After the funds were received in your Marketiva account, you can immediately use to Trading.