What is Marketiva?

Marketiva is the International Financial Company which is engaged in trading Forex / Foreign Exchange Online, and provides services Over-the-Counter Market Maker, which means that traders can direct their own trading online from anywhere.

With more than 800,000 users, 450,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.8 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of over-the-counter Market Maker of the most popular in the world.

Marketiva provides several types of service completely free of charge: an advanced recording system, daily research reports, market event alerts, expert discussion on the channel and several value added services for free. Marketiva also offers virtual desk in each customer account to make it easier for traders to experiment with strategies, improve their trading skills and know your system before making a purchase and sale of live trading desk.

Marketiva provides over-the-counter market making on the Forex, Funds, Indices and Commodities; prizes in cash $ 5, so you can immediately start trading without depositing the money belongs to you; trading on 1% margin; zero-interest at the positions open; there is no market commissions; desk virtual and live on one account; industry standard variable spreads; the latest news, alerts on market events, chat channels, support 24-hour, direct-trading sophisticated charting tool and easy to use, and the best online trading experience.

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