How to register on PTC Onbux

Many people who want to earn money instantly in the online world, especially for the newbie (nyubi: red) but it's not impossible you get. One program that can realize your dream is PTC (Paid To Click). One of the PTC which I highly recommend is PTC Onbux. As for the steps to register and make money from Onbux are as follows:

  1. Make email, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.. up to you to select which one. and for who already have email, please skip this step.
  2. Create a Paypal account. It functions as an online account and to withdraw (payout) the money you said in evasion. If not yet know how to create a Paypal account (PP), please click here.
  3. After they finished, please go to the site Onbux or click here
  4. Click Register, then please enter all the data needed, and do not forget to keep a good username, password and PIN (very useful at the time of payout) you.
  5. Once completed, please check your email inbox and open messages from Onbux then copy the activation code and enter the code in Onbux for activating your membership
  6. Once declared active, please login using the Username and Password you have registered previously.
  7. To start making money, click the "view ads" and will show 4 ads. Click the first ad and wait until the 5 letter. look for the same letter with the first letter and submit. if you really will see the message "Validate".
  8. Do the ads of the 2nd to finish all the ads that are presented.
  9. Well, Congratulations wash dollar from the internet.
  10. Then how to generate more dollars from Onbux? I will discuss in the next posting.
  11. if you want to sign up, click the banner below ..

proof of payment of my onbux

click image to see more clearly