guidelines create a PayPal account

Finding money on the internet can be spelled out easily and can also be said to be difficult, so it was tricky. But all it needs effort and sacrifice. Before you plunge into the online business is one very important thing you should prepare, account PayPal Maybe you are confused about how to make a paypal account, the following guide:

Before registering, Prepare Your email once ..!
  1. Go to Paypal site here
  2. Next you click the Sign up at the top right as shown in the picture below:
  3. For the language selection, please select the "Indonesian" then click "start" on a personal account.
  4. Please enter all required data in accordance with the guidelines below
  5. Next you click "Agree and create account.
  6. If you have a credit card, please enter your credit card data, if you do not have, please click the "Log into My Account"
  7. Congratulations.! Your paypal account registration process has been completed and you already have a paypal account with a balance that is still empty, if you want to fill your paypal account please learn this simple blog.
  8. To verify a paypal account, you can do with 3 ways:
    Using a local bank account
    Using a credit card (visa)
    Using the VCC (Virtual Credit Card) -> can you search on google for how to verify deengan VCC.

jika Anda mau mendaftar, daftar disini..