Verifikasi Marketiva Account

When finished registering, you can proceed with the account verification stage. If you have not had a Marketiva account, could make in: Register Marketiva
To Verify Marketiva account, you need 2 files scan your identity card, a photo identification and one address verification. But if you use the ID card or driver's license, there are listed all of them (the photos and addresses), so it can be directly used in the two fields that exist (verification photograph and address).

Account Verification Stages:

  1. Scan the front page of ID card / driving license and your backyard KTP / SIM you (for a new ID card is the front page only). Make sure the size is not more than 100 KB in JPG file type.
  2. Click the following link: Link Verification
  3. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your username and password first.
  4. Enter your scanned ID card / driving license you on the second column / field which is available by pressing the browse button, then click upload to succeed.
  5. You can ask you to verify the status of support staff via Live Support from the front page or from Streamster Marketiva website.
  6. If you have successfully verified, you can login and trading freely.

At the time of opening the account, you are given a bonus of $ 5 real money and $ 10,000 virtual money. But if you feel the fund is less, you can make deposits by several methods such as Digital Currency (Liberty Reserve, Webmoney and E-Dinar) or Wire Transfer (international bank transfer).