How to Register on Marketiva

Register/sign up in MARKETIVA is very easy, just like when you register/open new email account. follow all the prosedure after finish you may ready for trading. when you register and MARKETIVA ask you some coupon, you may get here. Get my MARKETIVA Coupon

Klik this Banner frist, it will be direct you to real or officially link at Marketiva.

Then with easy you just only put your real profile at this fill box, real in here mean same with your ID.
How to fill in the registration form :

(*) is required fields you must fill

  1. Username (*): This is your nickname you are going to use while chatting with other trader, for example: traderfx, etc.
  2. Password (*): Please fill in your password. (Write it down, and keep it in a safe place).
  3. First Name (*): Your Fist Name
  4. Middle Initial: Leave this field blank
  5. Last Name (*): Your Last Name (Surname). Please input your Middle Name in Last Name
  6. Job Title : You can leave this field blank
  7. Organization : You can leave this field blank
  8. Street Address (*): Fill in the address written on your ID card, Driving license, Passport, or Bill.
  9. Additional Address : You can fill this field with your current address if it is different with the address on your official documents
  10. City (*): Fill in your city
  11. Zip/Postal Code (*): Fill in your postal codes (Important ! Please write down this information)
  12. State/Province (*): Fill in your state or province
  13. Country/Region (*): Fill in your country (sorry they don't accept US residents)
  14. Phone (*): Your home phone number
  15. Fax : You can leave this field empty
  16. Mobile : Fill in your cellular number or leave this field empty
  17. E-mail (*): Use a valid and active email (important to complete the registration process!)
  18. Website : Fill in your website address (actually this info cant be seen by other trader) or leave this field empty
    click on Continue=>
  19. User Template (*): Standard Forex Trader
  20. Coupon : You can leave this field blank (this is not discount coupon!)
  21. Recovery Question (*): A recovery question that will be asked if you forget your password for example : what is your fathers middle name (Important ! Please write down this information)
  22. Recovery Answer (*): This is the answer of the question you use above, for example : John, if your father's middle name is John (Important ! Please write down this information)
    Click on Next=>
    Fill in a check on the field below :
    I have read, understood, and agree with the Service Agreement under which Marketiva Corporation provides it services and products. I have also read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement and I am willing and able to assume such risks.
    Click on Finish. Your registration is completed

Okay, after click Continue. Pick default "Standard Setup" then you may enter coupon that you can get at this link. click here to get some coupon.

In order to start trading, you need to download our broker's Trading Software (Please click here to download). Get and "save" it in your Desktop or other directory (Please turn off your download accelerator or download software if you have problems to download it)

Marketiva has good FAQ-s on his page, if you don't find what you search in the FAQ, you can contact Marketiva's Support on the 3 support channels at Discussions tab in Streamster, or you can contact me.
And don`t forget ....

It is better to identify yourself after registering (however you can do this later). But we suggest you verify your account as soon as possible to avoid suspension. And if you account get suspended, all you have to do is upload your documents (Dont ever try to open another account, as your new account will be deleted or removed if the system detects a duplicate account).

What are the benefits you will get after verification ? There are 2 benefits :

  1. You can withdraw your fund anytime you want
  2. Free from suspension if other user uses your computer or uses the same IP
Documents needed for verification process are :

  1. Picture Identification :

    1. Passport
    2. ID Card
    3. Driver License
    or other type of official document that contains Full name and Picture. (if your ID card or driving license contains full name, address, and picture on one card you can only use this documents for both fields)

  2. Identification confirming the customer's address :

    1. Utility Bill
    2. Bank Statement
    3. Driver License
    It must mention the same name as written on Picture Identification document above. Please note that each file is limited less than 100Kb, they are not copies (black and white), and you have to upload your documents on both fields at the same time.
    (Click here to verify your account)