How To Preventing Attacks from using AntiARP Netcut

If you've been a victim of prankster who strengthens this netCut application. I have a solution for anticipation ....

Now it's time for you to prevent someone from doing tests on a laptop, you either wireless networks (hotspots) as well as local network (LAN), because program Netcut powerful enough to cripple a computer that is still in the same network range. Of course you do not want the computer suddenly disconnected from the network to the internet, and even LAN-CARD you do not work at all, and when for example you are cool surf hotspot network disuatu ria the offender to cut it and make spoofing and take over your computer.

How to avoid the possibility of the above, you need a shield. With software that can withstand attack ARP spoofing / ARP attacks / ARP poisoning, intercept IP Address conflict, Prevent Dos attack, the safety mode, ARP flow analysis, protect the ARP cache, active defense, look for and clean viruses assailant and ARP, a shield that is AntiArp. So with this little tool you can at least sit quietly in front of your computer / laptop.

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