Cara Meningkatkan Pagerank Alexa

Alexa Pagerank you may include small or too large in value? then you include bloggers who are just like me, hehehehesaya got this article from the blog of a friend who can be visited from this blog here

and I am interested in trying to lift it diblog saya.Cara Increase Alexa Pagerank here are 5 steps, namely:

1. Alexa Toolbars installed on your web browser. You can get it .here

2. Place an Alexa Rank Widget on your blog page or website to create more accurate Alexa traffic visitors in collect data either install the Alexa toolbar in a web browser, or not installing it.

3. Invite your friends to install the Alexa toolbar in their web browser. More and more visitors to stick to your blog or website that installed the Alexa toolbar to its web browser, will greatly affect the increase of your Alexa Rank.

4. Make an article on your blog about Alexa Rank. It seems really funny and irrelevant. But it seems the world apply the principles of the blogosphere-not ABS-BAS 'Alexa Make Nice'.

5. Strive to invite the Web Master for a visit to your blog, how to join a webmaster forum fotum a much-discussed matter of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Well, it is some way that maybe you can try for I myself have tried and my Alexa pagerank increased dramatically, though not directly, but gradually. Please try ^ _ ^ yes do not forget to comment ^ _^