Displays the Auto mode on Facebook Emoticons

Featured Emoticons mode Automatic on Facebook - In a previous article I created How to Install Smileys, or Emoticons Code on Facebook. Now I will give way Emoticons Auto Show on Facebook, so you do not need to memorize codes Emoticons. Like chat on Yahoo Messenger, you live just click the image Emoticonsnya.

By installing the add-ons firefox and some scripts from userscript site then you can add a list of Emoticons, emoticons that can be displayed on the chat on Facebook.
Here's How to Automatically Display Emoticons on Facebook:

1. Download the add-ons for firefox

Install the add-ons are in your firefox. Once installed, restart your firefox.

After all is installed, restart your firefox.

3. Open your facebook and tried to chat with a friend of yours, then automatically display Emoticons will appear on your Facebook chat.

Good luck!