Google Adwords

In the midst of competition among search engines, Google makes an advertising program called Google Adwords for a company or person (advertiser) who wish to advertise through Google. This program arguably be one answer how to design an effective and efficient advertising.

Over the years, many companies do not act efficiently and effectively not by spending millions in advertising funds without being able to know whether the ad actually read audiences. Ads plastered just until a certain time limit and must pay back when going to extend advertising.

With AdWords, companies can save money at the same time allow the certainty that the ad is read by those interested. This can happen because the companies or parties who advertise products or services will only pay for advertising costs limited to people who do click on those ads (pay per click). As long as no one has to click the ads, the company will not issue despite the cost of those ads have been posted.

Simpelnya, AdWords is an advertising program that allows advertiser (the company or person who wants to put an ad) malalui promotion google ads cost per click (CPC = cost per click) which can be determined alone. Total costs will be depleted after how much time the ad is clicked by visitors.

As a simple example, you have a budget of $ 20 and will promote a site through Google. Once you determine the cost-per kllik (CPC) ads are $ 1 for example, then the budget will be exhausted after the ad is clicked by the visitor as much as 20 times. So where the ad will be aired.

Google will serve ads that are at a Google search. If you never tried to do a search through Google, you certainly have seen some of the AdWords ads displayed on search pages with a description of ads by Google. Existing ads in the column of ads by Google's ad company's that advertise through Google (Adwords).

Try searching for 'money machine' on the Google search box, it will display some web pages with the keyword 'money machine' with a description of ads by Google.
Some web pages with a category of ads by Google is a web page belongs to those who do advertising through Google AdWords.