10 amazing Facts About E-mail

Things that are interesting, unique, and astonisting surrounding medium word’s most popular communications, E-mail.

1. 1,3 Billion People Sending E-mail

E-mail became the most widely used services on the Internet after World Wide Web. According to the Radicati Group study, in August 2008 ago, there were 1,4 billion e-mail accounts and 1,3 billion users worldwide.

2. .--.-.
For Morse code

@ symbol appears before the tax year 2004. E-mail the code official U.S. president, president This sounds .--.-. which is a combination of the letter a, followed by a C without pause. Password @ in practice is difficult. For the letters,, at ". People using the password - and this is shorter.

3. E-mail

E-mail spam in large numbers once the first was sent on May 3, 1978 by Gary Thuerk, a computer seller in the U.S. computer store, Digital Equipment Corporation. From an e-mail list that have been printed, Thuerk looking ARPAnet users (the forerunner to the Internet), who lives on the west coast of the United States and then send ads offering new computers to about 600 people.

4. E-mail at Beds

In one study, concluded AOL e-mail usage patterns of Americans 67% of respondents to open e-mails while in bed or after wearing pajamas (nightgown).

5. Inventors E-mail

In the early 1960s, Ray Samuel Tom linson developed a file transfer protocol(CPYNET) that can send files between two computers. Computer experts and then develop this protocol in order to deliver the news. But Tomlison did not remember what was in his first e-mail..

6. Postal Law of Power Electronic
Starting in 2010, e-mail can be used to send the documents had the legal power between citizens and state officials. E-mail from this government agency is encrypted, but still can be read by the government.

E-mail President

E-mail the official U.S. president, president@whitehouse.gov, first made in 1993. During the eight years of leadership, Bill Clinton wrote only two e-mail. First, a test e-mail and second for being an astronaut John Glenn to orbit.

Male, Female, or Neutral?
In the rules of grammar, gender word “e-mail” was not uniform for a few countries. In Germany, the word e-mail received gender "woman", while in Switzerland "gender" Neutral. Although the pronunciation remains the same.

9. Create e-mail attachment to swell

Attchment e-mail making its original size increase in size, s-thirds. Cause, e-mail formatted in a character set, amounting to 7 bits while the picture or text document with 8-bit binary data. When converted into Base 64 format, the space is needed increases 36 percent.

Emoticons are often used in e-mail address is apparently already in use since 12 april 1979. Kevon McKenzie, a member of a discussion of mail, proposed to add the symbols that express emotions so that communication is not boring.