Personas for Firefox

If you feel bored with the look of your browser, try to replace it with Personas for Firefox. After installing these tools, your Firefox will look more attractive and give a different impression when browsing....

Sometimes the browser display can also affect our impression at the time surfing in cyberspace.

To give a different impression than usual, try to install add on Personas for Firefox which can be downloaded at

After successfully installing the add on Personas and the restart of Firefox, the header of your browser will look different with new themes innate Firefox. Note the additional tools called “Personas for Firefox” in the “Tools” menu in Firefox. In this menu, you can play with themes that match your selection. If you want to see another theme. You can see a variety of interesting themes through website addreas.

Still not satisfied and want to design their own themes ? Firefox provides the theme itself ? Firefox provides a few simple steps to design artificial themes you can only use on your Firefox browser or can be used by others.