how to find dollars through ziddu

There is one more way to get ya dollars, through free file hosting service. The system works gini: we register the ziddu, then we upload the files there. Then we share the file on the web / blog us. Nha every time someone downloads the file we will get paid $ 0001. Small but tapi gak kok hurt us join the program. because ziddu has several advantages, namely:

- Storage capacity is unlimited. (you can upload files km at most).
- Limitation of the size of a fairly large file (200 MB).
- With no traffic restrictions.

This program is very well suited for you propertied web / blog content for download, like mp3, ebook, video, etc.. On the web / blogs can also be used kok. eg kalo Blogmu about recipes, then create one of your articles in ato some word files (doc) for example. uploaded on ziddu trus trus km for the link on the web / blog kamu, eg "Best Cake Recipe Create a trickle".
In addition we will also get $ 0.1 from our referral.
How? Not interested?